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Dear Kenilworth, 


Being the custodian for Kenilworth's oldest pub over the past 4 years has been an absolute privilege, and it’s with a heavy heart that I’m leaving to let someone else to pick up the reigns in 2024. 


I couldn’t have possible predicted just how much of a rollercoaster managing the Famous Virgins and Castle was going to be when we opened on Friday 13th of March in 2020. It feels like a lifetime ago now when I was writing letters to Kenilworth every week and counting down the time until we could open again post-Covid. Months of outside only trading, lockdowns, not being in the right tier and debates with the council about outside seating were exhausting, when all we wanted to do was open up, serve food and drink to the good people of Kenilworth and have some sort of life as normal ! 


In the subsequent times we’ve battled with a rocketing supply chain, a cost of living crisis, increased food costs across the board, beer prices going through the roof, a lack of government support across the whole sector, many a sleepless night and please don't talk to me about energy companies...


Through all of this I’ve been lucky enough to have worked alongside wonderful members of our team. First and foremost a huge thank you to everyone that’s worked here over the past few years - some have been here for years, some for just a shift or two, and lots in-between but every host, pint-puller, chef, kitchen porter, cleaner, cutlery polisher and manager has played a part in making this a great place to be. 


We’ve served thousands of pies, burgers and Sunday roasts, the odd pint of Tiger as well, we’ve had many a fun quiz night, loads of amazing live music, plenty of debates across the bar, a fantastic bank holiday festival and have just enjoyed a wonderful Christmas finishing with a  fantastic New Years Eve !


Last but by no means least thank you to each and every guests that’s come in to enjoy some time at the best pub in Kenilworth, it's been a privilege to play a part in the history of this old tavern. I wish Everards and the next lucky custodian of the brilliant pub all the very best in 2024 and for the many years ahead. With 460 years of amazing hospitality behind us, I’m sure we’ll all come together to enjoy a good few more years together and that you'll give them the same support you've been generous enough to give the whole team here over the past 4 years. 

That's last orders please, thank you. 



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